Our Story

We are two sisters Giovanna and Clotilde Aceto, who for various reasons lived too far from each other, between Italy and the United States. We wished to work together and be closer.

So we started looking around and on a typical day of early autumn, it was October 4, 2008, we found the place where to realize our project. The building was old and nobody lived there for at least a decade, but we immediately felt it was the right one and we saw its potential.

The property, completely immersed in a wooded area, is located on top of a hill, as if it were a small planet lying on the Earth but completely on its own. This characteristic, together with the inexplicably intense flowering for the autumn period and for the abandonment situation in which the ancient rose garden, made us immediately think of our favorite book “The Little Prince” and hence the choice of the name.

Since we are both very committed to sustainability, we have used only ecological materials such as wood, stone and water-based colors for the entire building renovation. We kept everything that could be kept and this made the work very long.

It took five years of hard work, but on a sunny day in March 2013, we had the opportunity to welcome our first guests for dinner.

Since then, we live our dream every day. Of course, the work is intense, requires a lot of dedication, but to see our Guests happy, it repays enormously.

Giovanna, Clotilde and our brother Cosimo

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” - Antoine de Saint Exupery