What to do when you are in the most beautiful place in the world?

Vineyard visits

Explore some of the best wines in the world; nebbiolo, barbera, dolcetto, moscato, arneis and many more. 

Things to do - Cooking

Cooking classes

Learn how to cook our excellent local food and enjoy a glass of wine or two!


Every little town has a market once per week, where you can buy fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish, meat and everything else you didn’t know you needed.


There are plenty of really cool golf courses within an hour’s drive from us. 

Rent an e-bike

Up and down the hills, better to use an e-bike. We help you rent it.


Take a hike in vinyards, up and down the hills and visit genuine villages along the way. Bring a lunch package from us if you want.

Horseback riding

Explore this beautiful landscape on the back of a horse.


We have so many beautiful castles to visit in our area. All with an interesting historical touch. Govone, San Martino Alfieri, Cisterna, Santa Vittoria, Costigliole d’Asti and many more.

Helicopter tour

Fancy a trip in a helicopter to watch the scenery from up above in all its gloroy? We are happy to arrange that for you!

Barolo and Barbaresco

Our region is world-famous for many things, and maybe especially for the two small villages Barolo and Barbaresco, that produce excellent wines.


Spend a day in our beautiful capital Torino, only 40 minutes away. Historic palaces, fantastic shopping, museums, the Juventus and Torino football clubs, and so much more.

Fossils hunting

In historic times, this area was the bottom of a sea. Today you can go on fossils hunting or visit the Paleontologic museum in Asti.


Early autumn is probably the most exciting time of year to come for a visit. That’s when the harvest is in full motion, and the vineyards are buzzing with activity.


In late Autumn, the world-famous white truffles are at their best. Let’s hope the dogs are successful in their hunt! How about a visit to the truffles faire in Alba in late October? 


Take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery, with a book, a glass of wine and breathe.